Preparing Spanish-speaking children with superior dual language education.

Volunteer to provide childcare for parent workshops

Care for infants and toddlers of parents who are trying to maintain their focus in parent meetings. El Nido, The Nest, is the room set up for this care. Requires patience with separation anxiety, fondness for playing, cuddling, rocking, singing, etc., minimal training involved. Volunteers are encouraged to come regularly to help build a connection with the children, but any commitment is appreciated.  Volunteer are needed for:

  • Thursdays 8:45AM – 10:15AM and 12:50PM – 2:15PM (during literacy & book club)
  • Fridays, 8:45AM -10:45AM and 12:50PM – 2:45PM (during Parent workshop)

To sign up, please email Mercy Star,


Voluntarios para cuidado de niños durante las clases para padres

Cuidado de bebes y niños pequeños, de nuestros padres que atienden las diferentes clases que se ofrecen. “El Nido”  es el salón destinado para  esto. Requiere paciencia por la ansiedad de separación, gusto por el juego, abrazar, balancear, cantar, etc., entrenamiento mínimo involucrado.
Se pide que los voluntarios vengan regularmente, para ayudar a construir una conexión, pero apreciamos cualquier cantidad de tiempo que usted pueda dedicarles.  Los voluntarios se necesitan en los siguientes horarios:

  • Los Jueves de 8:45AM a 10:15 y de 12:50 PM a 2:15 PM (durante Alfabetización y Club de Lectura)
  • Los Viernes de 8:45AM a 10:45AM y de 12:50PM a 2:45PM (durante las clases generals para Padres.)

Para inscribirse o solicitar mas información llame o mande un correo electrónico a Mercy Star,


Charlotte Bilingual Preschool needs your time and talent! We have lots of volunteer opportunities with a wide range of time commitments and skill levels. If you would like to volunteer, please email us.

  • Boy_lettersProvide administrative assistance in our office
  • Inspire our students with a wonderful Wednesday enrichment activity
  • Provide IT troubleshooting advice
  • Lend graphic design expertise
  • Enhance our social media presence
  • Be our resident photographer
  • Translate materials
  • Work alongside teachers on the playground or in the classroom
  • Work a child care room during English classes for parents
  • Generate donations of supplies from your social group
  • Drive a van/bus for field trips
  • Serve on Board of Directors or a Board Committee
  • Bring a friend to Show &Tell