Charlotte Bilingual Preschool is a nonprofit, NC five-star licensed preschool founded in 1999.


Charlotte Bilingual Preschool prepares Spanish-speaking children for success in school and life by providing superior dual-language early childhood education. The preschool supports students’ families with parenting, life skills and English-language classes, enabling them to sustain and nurture their children’s educational and emotional development.


In 1999, Charlotte Bilingual Preschool (CltBP) opened its doors with a $100,000 grant from N.C. Smart Start. When the school opened, it was named Central Avenue Bilingual Preschool (CABP) after the street where the school was first established. From 1999 to 2009, CABP grew from 15 students to 96, reaching capacity at its original location.

During the 2009-2010 school year, it expanded to a second location on a different street in another area of the city. In recognition of the school’s likely future growth to address the needs of Latino families throughout the city, the board changed the school’s name to Charlotte Bilingual Preschool in 2012.

Charlotte Bilingual Preschool has dedicated the past 20 years to providing innovative, two-generation solutions for preparing Spanish-speaking children for success. Core services now include the 5-star licensed dual language Preschool Program enrolling children 3-5 and the Family Program, which empowers families as their children’s most important teachers. In 2018, CltBP launched an extension of the Preschool Program called the Green Room, a three-year pilot integrating students and families from diverse cultural backgrounds to facilitate the flow of social capital. A recent alumni study of CltBP graduates in K-2nd grade indicates CltBP students enter kindergarten ahead of their Hispanic peers and maintain consistent growth and advantage.