Preparing Spanish-speaking children with superior dual language education.


Charlotte Bilingual Preschool is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Private donors, foundations, corporations, governments contracts, faith-based organizations, and parents fund our programs.

We want our participating parents to experience the power that comes from investing in their children’s education. So, all families pay tuition – albeit a token amount. Paid tuition ranges from 8-10% or the School’s total revenue.

bubble_girl1We rely on contributions, grants and contracts for the remaining revenue.

Revenue sources and percent of budget for fiscal years 2013 and 2014:

  • Government grants – 50% and 41%
  • Foundations – 20% and 15%;
  • Corporate donations – 12% and 12%
  • Individual and faith-based donations – 10% and 20%

For fiscal year 2015, the preschool expects parent tuition to equal to 8% of total revenues. We  estimate FY 2015 to come from the following sources: 36% from government grants, 26% from foundations, 17% from corporations and 13% from individuals and faith-based organizations.

To ensure the long-term sustainability of the School, our goal is to build increased support from individual donors.

Everyone can play a role in providing superior preschool and parent education to Charlotte’s Spanish-speaking families.

Please call Joanne Stratton Tate, Head of School at 704-535-8080 or e-mail her to discuss details.

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More than 90% of our students attain the developmental skills necessary to succeed. Our children enter Kindergarten ready to learn, grow and achieve!

Donate online or send a check to:
Charlotte Bilingual Preschool
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