Superior Education for Dual Language Learners

The goal of our program is to transition our children confidently and successfully into kindergarten with a love of learning and the necessary skills that make them ready for school.

Our Philosophy & Curriculum
We believe that children are naturally curious and seek independence along with competence. Charlotte Bilingual Preschool takes the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education. Teachers and the curriculum they use should facilitate wonder, investigation, problem-solving and decision-making. We resist the cultural trend to push an elementary school agenda into preschool because we are confident that our children are more likely to be lifelong learners and more successful in all facets of their lives with our approach that honors children’s play as their work. Since our founding in 1999 we have aimed to be culturally and individually respectful of and responsive to each child’s unique cultural background, strengths and challenges, and developmental process.

Because so many of our students come from Spanish-speaking homes of recent immigrants and few financial resources, we feel an urgency to offer them superior education that targets the unique needs of dual language learners and wraps circles of support around them and their family. We invoke an intentional dual language approach, incorporating special techniques and strategies that stimulate Spanish and English literacy skills.

We use the Creative Curriculum (bilingual system) which provides teachers with unit lessons and a wide variety of activities and books in Spanish and English designed to fully develop the child in these domains: cognitive, social-emotional, mathematics, English language acquisition, physical, science & technology, social studies, the arts, literacy, and language.

The Teaching Strategies GOLD assessment tool helps us monitor and promote student progress on 38 learning objectives. Last year, 95% of the children met or exceeded expectations. In addition, we do a pre-and post-assessment to measure student growth on English proficiency and concept knowledge important for kindergarten (last year scores showed 85% and 93% respectively met expectations).

We are a proud partner in the Smart Start of Mecklenburg network!